Saturday, August 09, 2008

TV Review Eureka "What About Bob?"


In Eureka, just about anything can happen at any given time. Those who live in town are used to the odd and unique. After all, the world's best scientists gather in Global Dynamics, the research facility which has a direct link to the Pentagon. Between Eva Thorn (Frances Fisher The Edge of Night), the acting head, Dr. Allison Blake (Salli Richardson), Dr. Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn), and other staff members, their biggest concern is not what goes wrong inside the facility. It's what affects the rest of the town.

Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) to the rescue! The former U.S. Marshal turned small town sheriff finds himself in a new adventure after getting a call about a missing researcher. Bob Nob (name not available) of may not be the most liked member of his eco-team, but his disappearance rings alarm bells. The project was a self-sustaining environment in an underground biodome.

The engaged Dr. Blake (Nathan again) and Jack are sent in to try and fix matters. 'Clean suits' protect them and the lab team both from contamination. Leave it to Zane Donovan (Niall Matters) to use a holgram for correct measurements. I have to say, the talk about nakedness was a clever bit of writing. No graphic nudity here, either, just general shots focused above the waist. Perfect!

Watching the drama play out via a hacked computer system back in Cafe Diem are Zoe Carter(Jordan Hinson), Dr. Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston), the cafe's owner Vincent (Chris Gauthier), and the rest of the town's youth. They get to see Bob Nob found, complete with DNA gone wrong. Suffice it to say dormant parts are taking evolution backwards to its most primitive state.

It doesn't take long before Jack figures out the cause is most likely human, but the culprit is the last person one might think.

This seems to be a season of taking personal responsibility. What I find unbelievable is Jack not slapping cuffs on the wrongdoers. Or at least standing as someone else does. Henry's back in town! It will be interesting to see if he turns out even more devious than Eva. Nathan Stark now has some serious competition, although he seems more dark than evil. All that's left is to see which one gets sent to Mars....

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