Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV Review Eureka "From Fear to Eternity"


Eureka brought its midseason to a bang! Sort of. Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) always suspected trouble afoot when Eva Thorn (Frances Fisher) came to town. Global Dynamics, the research facility where the brightest minds work, needed an uplift. Who better to help than an efficiency expert?

I have to say, Eva did her job. Cutbacks of personnel increased the bottom line. She forgot to consider what people were working on before being told to clear out. Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) disappeared trying to fix an atomic clock when a fired scientist couldn't ("I Do Over"). At least the damage was contained, or Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Jack would have vanished too.

When Eva started erasing records of the town's past, citizens took notice. The response she gave was always 'classified'. Frances Fisher almost got into character too well. Refusing to explain only made Jack, Alllison Blake (Salli Richardson Whitfield) and Henry Deacon (Joe Morton) suspicious. They knew it was serious when they discovered an unused bunker had long dead bodies inside.

Only Scifi could have put out Eva's true age as 107 and get away with it. The last survivor out of a team working on an atomic bomb, she tried to erase evidence. If only she had trusted people sooner.

For a show with the ability for many twists and turns, this episode was lackluster. Thorn was telling the truth all along, just not everything. Jack, however, found himself fired by Gen. Mansfield (Barclay Hope Traveler, Smallville, Stargate:Atlantis) for disobeying a direct order to turn over Thorn. Does anybody really believe Colin Ferguson is gone for good?

I don't. Lose the actor in the lead role, the show is over. Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) can be promoted, but her personality makes her a poor fit. No people skills whatsoever. This was only the mid-season finale, so Jack will return. He has to, Zoe (Jordan Hinson) needs her dad. One way or another, Colin will be sheriff again. Perhaps Henry, now mayor, needs a right hand.

It may take a while before Jack is in charge, but the rest of the season should prove interesting. Taggart and Beverly Barlowe just may come back before the finale. I wouldn't be surprised if Thorn ends up dead later on. After all, she has no means of rejunvination now.

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