Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TV Review Fringe "The Arrival"


Holy Toledo.

Even before Fringe premiered a few weeks ago, media buzz made it a show to watch. Why? For one thing, JJ Abrams, creator of Lost, is part of the team. A fresh television series with a science fiction angle will automatically draw in viewers. Add to it a cast with most being instantly recognized for one work or another, and the result is a guaranteed draw and potential awards hopes.

Since Emmys, Golden Globes, and the like occur for the previous season, chances are slim for nominations. However, a freshman year is time to work out any kinks. Characters may need an adjustment, or plotlines developed out a bit more.

The production crew wisely decided not to start episodes during Emmy week. Returning favorites would divide ratings, since so many are gigantic hits. This year, a couple are heading for a series finale. Stories will be bigger, if not better. Last hurrahs can mean viewership was down already.

After last night's episode, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and the others kept me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to find out what was behind the construction site detonation. Broyles (Lamar Reddick) read my mind, for the team soon arrived to take charge. A large metal object had "arrived", but nobody could explain things. Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), Peter's dad, knows its true significance, but ends up trying to hide it rather than tell the truth.

Those who have always said Walter is off his gourd were partly exonerated. Somehow he got the idea he was supposed to put the thing away for safekeeping. Astrid (Jasika Nicole) got in his way, and ended up unconscious. He tried apologizing later, but she gave him the cold shoulder. Good for her. Actions have consequences.

Now, who is Robert Bishop? The name was on the gravesite where the burial took place. My best guess is a relative of some sort. Grandfather would make the most sense. However, it's equally possible he is more closely related to Peter.

'The Observer' (Michael Cerveris The American Embassy), or bald no-brow dude, reminds me of Where's Waldo. One has to be looking hard to find him in each episode. He has a link to the Bishops, but it has is only partially uncovered.

We miss you Blair Brown! Nina Sharp may only be responsible for conversations with others, but these are a treat. Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) gets more of the puzzle pieces each time these two talk. The verbal sparring is well written and nicely delivered.

I have to say, the shocker came at the last minute. Literally. While I won't tell what happened, this might not be unexpected if you have been watching the show from the premiere. I was, but I still felt chills down my spine. Others just might react as Olivia did. Col. Jacobson (Nester Serrano 24, Witchblade) did warn her about getting in over her head....

Next week is a pre-empt, so the continuing saga is going to be on hold for a bit. Although the production staff might not have intended things to happen this way, the breather is appreciated.

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