Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV Review Eureka "I Do Over"


It's a wedding, and you're invited! Dr. Allison Blake (Salli Richardson) and Dr. Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) are getting remarried. After Henry Deacon (Joe Morton) created the fake emergency which sent him to prison ("A Night at Global Dynamics"), Nathan realized just how much he cared for Allison and her son, Kevin.

Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is not happy about the situation, since he has feelings for Allison. However, being the man he is, he plans to stand by her decision. In fact, he even agrees to walk Allison down the aisle.

Science fiction has anything happen. I understand this. There is, however, one caveat. The first part has to be true- science concepts are accurate even if the use is modified to fit a storyline. Character developments and plot twists will always fall into the realm of a writer's imagination, never being true no matter how much viewers or readers may wish otherwise.

How does this week's episode measure up? A little bizarre. The time-space continuum took time to get used to. Jack ended up back in the shower each time the loop restarted. Not every part of his day repeated itself overtly, more implied. Lili (Ever Carradine Commander In Chief ), Jack's sister, came to his home twice yet they only connected emotionally at Cafe Diem. I have to wonder how she knew about Eureka. My best guess is something to do with Duncan, Lili's fiance.

Using an atomic clock in order to fix the atmospheric rift made sense. Henry said Jack couldn't possibly be right, but the Sheriff managed to convince Nathan (Ed Quinn) and Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston) the clock was the key to fixing things.

Here's where things got really interesting. Nathan stepped in the clock while Fargo worked outside. The particle accelerator froze Nathan in place, then turned him into stardust.

Is he dead? I'm not 100 % convinced. There is no dust on the floor as if he had vaporized. Dr. Stark's skeleton was not left behind, either. Besides, to believe it means the top research scientist at the town's scientific facility simply went with a poof! Beverly Barlowe (Deborah Farentino) did the same thing once, and her return is not beyond reason. Any intelligent person is raising an eyebrow over Nathan's demise. The biggest reason for my skepticism? Jack would have been free to carry on a relationship with Allison, and Nathan is not about to step aside so easily.

Ed Quinn, btw, is too valuable to lose without a chance of his return at some point. He takes the dark and holds it up as a perfect foil to Colin's human light. The big kahuna of GD, Eva Thorn (Frances Fisher) is not exactly Ms. Nice, but even she is no match for Nathan. Keep watching- the revolving door of this small town has not shut completely!

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