Thursday, June 16, 2005

What's my take on Natalee?


I'm sure Aruba would like nothing more than to find this missing Alabama high schooler and get their country off the national news. Since their experience seems to need some help, allow me to share a few thoughts. You had three guys she was last seen with. Five suspects, but you wisely let two out of custody when you realized they could not have had anythng to do with this . Two of the remaining are brothers. That leaves JORAN, son of a local judge. Known to party, but that is typical for your land. Searching did not work, although Aruba is tiny, size wise. He lied. Whoops. Then, compounded the error by telling anther suspect he lied. Not to mention that one of those two you let go overheard him say it. We call that primary suspect.
It reminds of of a local case involving the founder of Habitat for Humanity. Millard Fillmore was suspected of conduct unbecoming. He tried to hinder the investigation. The board fired him. Rightly so. Followers ticked, but they forgot innocent people move heaven and earth to clear their names. Which means he made himself look guilty. See a pattern?

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