Tuesday, June 07, 2005

People are funny


There is an interesting discussion going on between bloggers. I got wind of this here. The question is whether or not a flame is up for dating purposes by a friend when you and the former flame are no longer an item. Here's my take on it.
When I was volunteering with a professional theatre company (we paid people), there was an unspoken rule. Those married acted like it. In other words, spouse came up in conversation, with ease. Fondness crept into the voice. Spouse showed on opening night. Generally speaking, I met them. Wedding ring did not work as a clue, because theatre brings out those who could make gold band on left hand, fourth finger mean something else than what most people think. And happily married men did not always wear theirs. Women, however did. Oh, no matter what got said or done, married persons showed in body language "Forget it".
Now, married people are off limits to me. No matter how nice. Depending on who I marry, I have no problem with my husband being around other women. Or looking. Just as long as he goes home with me.

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