Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Life Coming Full Circle


You know, every so often, history has a way of going around and connecting to itself in unexpected ways. I have a list of blogs I read on a regular, if not daily, basis. After perusing Key's post on trying to become a foster parent, I was reminded of Rachel Ewald. A lady from my church, she created a foundation to assist new temporary parents with necessities such as clothes, books, and equipment. If you saw the special on ABC a while back, her story was mentioned as she also takes in foster children while raising teenagers with her husband. This is her drving passion. In GA, CASA creates child advocates out of volunteers. These folks help out in court cases, although not as lawyers. Reading another blog on unsolved crimes made me think of the group Barry Scheck started to help people wrongly convicted. In Points North magazine, there is a group here known as the GIP. Basically, they work on a local level to exonerate prisoners who were found guilty and should not have.

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