Thursday, June 09, 2005

Memory Meme


There is a new meme making the rounds. The idea is to see a list of literary characters and name the author and work. Oh, without resorting to Google. Kelley got the thing started.
My list came up short, so Google helped me lengthen a bit. Even though I stuck to what I have actually read, this wasn't easy.
1) Nearly Headless Nick 2) Hester Prynne 3)Calvin O'Keefe 4) Mrs. Danvers 5) Ginger Fowler Sibley 6) Loveday Carey lewis 7)Guy Montag 8) Jack Worthing 9) Arthur Dent 10) Denise "Necie' Rose Keheller

Rob got one up on his blog, too. Enjoy!

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