Monday, June 13, 2005

Naughty, naughty..

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Put Jessica Cutler into Google and you get the usual dearth glut of info. Who is she? she wrote a book about a D.C. intern who publishes her escapades onto a blog and drives people nuts. Why? the details are juicy, and characters are only identified by initials. The real life author was fired for doing exactly that when her boss found out. Being the intrepid detail person I am, I looked over the reproduction of Cutler's blog and noticed a couple of things. First-J. Guessing here, but Julian Epstein comes to mind, the Democratic politico and fmr. congressional aide. There's a rather obvious reference if one cares to look (er, for someone else). Since I doubt highly it's true, will leave any inferences to others.

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Anonymous said...

Julian Epstein is a DOG!! And probably goes both ways!