Monday, November 01, 2004

One day to go


Are we going to have another repeat of 2000? Let's hope not. However, if delaying the outcome so that everyone who is legally registered to cast their aspirations or aspersions on Bush has an opportunity to, I'm all for it. Castro, Bin Laden, and Arafat have finally helped out in the political process-they took the focus off the campaign for a little bit. By the way ABC, for the"Special Report" during Oprah, a scrawl sliding its bottom at the extreme lower portion of our tv screens would have sufficed. The candidates agreed that Bin Laden has to go! Hallelujah. Now, if we could all agree on the same measure for Bush... I'm talking votes here, people. We have a responsiblity in this country to express our views on how well a politiican is doing. The person sucks, they are going to find them selves kicked to the pavement. Don't believe me? Ask Cynthia McKinney.

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