Friday, November 05, 2004



My computer is back to normal after throwing fits for a few days. You'd think with all the advances in technology, they'd make computers which never broke down. Of course, that would be entirely too simple.
For most, this would be a temporary inconvienence. And it would be for me, too, except for one thing. I'm a materials reviewer for an online website With membership completely free, and no payment needed for materials or shipping, I can get books, CD's, tickets sent to me as often as I wish because I compose a blog. The trade off is that I write up a review for said item, mostly on a weekly basis. Usually it's one review a week, sometimes more. Best of all, I get to keep whatever ends up being sent to me. No monetary compensation, but I do not have to spend money I don't have on simple pleasures. You can find my Blogcritic reviews at the site under NancyGail.

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