Saturday, November 06, 2004

Had to stop and think


While I was surfing today, I ran across a blog with JFK's (the asassianted one, not the one who recently lost the election) definition of a liberal. It made me start thinking about my own beliefs on hot button issues. You know, the ones so prominently featured when it came time to go out and vote.
Here's the thing: I used to vote a straight party Republican ticket until I realized that it automatically put people into office I did not want there. At the state level, it is possible to vote for Democrats and Republicans alike. Which I proceeded to do.
Anyway, do my beliefs make me a liberal? I'll spell them out, you decide. I believe in marriage between a man and a woman, although I do NOT believe that the Constitution should be amended in order to reflect that. (GA already has the law on its books, govt. needs to butt out) I want a husband, not a wife. I believe that sexual orientation, like gender or race, or political affiliation, should not be reasons for discrimination. Do gays make better parents than straights? Probably in some cases, but certainly not all. I believe partial birth abortion should be banned, for the procedure is horrific. I believe that people who do not want their children need to find those who would simply adore nothing less than to raise a child. That being said, not every one with the interest or funds to adopt should do so. I believe in stem cell research for its own sake. There are other ways to acheive it than embryonic nethods, though. Try this: save umbilical cord blood for use. Those who want to see this medical miracle in use can fund it themselves and not pester the govt. for help.
I believe television, while bringing issues to the forefront and values to the table, should be taken on the same level as media or books , CD's, etc. Always with a grain of salt. Especially news-although journalists with integrity will make an effort to present more than one side of the issue. For the record, I like Extreme Makeover, West Wing, 8 Simple Rules, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives. These sharp shows reflect life honestly, even if they are skewed to ensure viewers watch each week.
Liberal? Not really. Thinking for myself? Priceless.

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