Sunday, November 21, 2004

Death to Progress


Computer has gone batty for the umpteenth time. However, it is basically focused on one site in particular at the moment. Not sure why, all I want to do is find an upcoming episode of my favorite television show. Is the show that secret? This is the perfect esample of art imitating life. On Capital Hill, Republicans changed the already set in place rules so that Tom DeLay could continue his work even if indicted in his home state of Texas. Why? He has yet to see any action on that standpoint. However, some of his former associates have been. Here's a hint ladies and gentlemen, no matter how indispensible you may think you are, your constiuents can always throw you out of office. The last election results gave the Reds so much power already that surely the coup of getting rid of a person at the top cannot defeat them...

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