Thursday, October 28, 2004

Okay folks settle down


Sheesh, politics are soooo divisive. I just wonder how many of those who complain about how the system works will bother to go out and vote Tuesday. IMHO, if you won't pick who you want in office, you have no cause to complain about how the system works. Just the other night, saw a news story in which a guy used a stun gun on his girlfriend-then threatened to stab her all because she planned to vote for Kerry!!!! Okay, I plan to vote for Kerry, too. Bush had one shining moment, one. In the days following 9/11. I don't happen to believe things have gotten better under his watch. Even if he comes back, turnout is going to be so high this time around that W might not want to count on another term. However, under term limits, a sitting Prez can only serve two terms.
In an unrelated (but could be) story, a man hijacked newspaper kiosks kit and kaboodle. That's right, just came in and snatched those right out of the ground. Took the cement casing, too. Excuse was that he needed the money. Can we say economic brain freeze?

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