Saturday, October 02, 2004

Politics as usual


The first political debate between Pres. Bush and Sen. John Kerry has come and gone. Have seen some of the analysis, and think the commentators got it right. Say what you will about Kerry's senatorial record, but Pres. Bush looked far too often as though he was unsure how to proceed when it came time for him to answer. Fact is, America has not gotten better after four years. Yes, we may have prevented another 9/11. So far. There is no guarantee that another attack will not come along down the road. We bear part of the responsibility for what happened that day simply because security was assumed as a given issue. On my street, three of my neighbors have signs in their yards with the familiar Bush/Cheney logos. A few blocks away, one lady has a Kerry/Edwards sign. I have to admire her guts. In a part of the US where most citizens are die hard Republicans, she is willing to make a stand of her own, without feeling guilty about "What will the neighbors think?". Yes, Pres. Bush may be a good father and great husband to his family. However, come November, Kerry will have my vote. Perhaps the problems will still be around, but there will be a fresh face in office and a new plan for future action.

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