Friday, October 15, 2004

Mary, Mary


After the last debate (thank heavens), pundits and campaigners alike started to talk. What did they discuss? Not the war in Iraq, or the homefront fiasco. But Mary Cheney. For this reason- VP Cheney has a daughter who is gay. Talk about one of the worst kept secrets in Washington. Not only has she never denied it, neither has anybody else. It has been mentioned, albeit briefly, in speeches, and by the media. And nobody has ever stepped forward and denied anything. So why are news segments being devoted to this? Because John Kerry said Mary Cheney would probably say she did not choose to be gay. John Edwards mentioned it in his own debate, saying her parents should be well respected for the way in which they raised her. Nothing cruel, or derogatory. Still, Lynne Cheney said "What a cheap and tawdry political trick". Excuse me? The Democratic candidates merely repeated what has been said all along. Besides, in case anybody has forgotten, Mary made the decision to join her father's campaign. Seems to me her sexual preference is going to come up at some point, like Kerry's divorce or Edward's son Wade, who died in a car accident.

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120proof said...

I do get anxious when election year comes around. Yet, when it comes around, I find I get either disappointed or angry with the smear campaigns, the embellished statement and so forth. Election year is not only tough on the candidates or their daughters, but also on those that choose to vote for them. Even with the guidance of hindsight, I wonder if the next Presidential hopefuls will pay better attention to that.