Saturday, October 02, 2004

A fresh focus


It seems as though politics are much in the news lately. Media cannot help itself, there is an election going on this year. Congress is also holding an election this year, yet that has gotten pushed aside in "one of the most critical elections" in history. Please. What happened to all the other elections to put people in office before now? Besides, term limits restrict how long a President can serve in office. No such limits exist for Congress. However, voters have their own form of limits. It's called put somebody else in office. This week, I actually saw another story take precedence over any politician. Mt. St. Helens erupted again. Now then, I am fully aware that it is one of the oldest volcanoes in history. And people were waiting for it to become alive once more. But ladies and gentlemen, it is a volcano. By the laws of nature, it erupts. That steam has to go somewhere. Othersie that would be one nasty mess.

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