Saturday, March 26, 2005


Yahoo! News - Attorneys: Schiavo Legal Fight Nears End

Finally. You have to feel for these parents. Having a severely handicapped child is hardly easy, and they only want to try and give her every opportunity available. However, when that child stays in the same condition for years and years, the kindest thing is to let her go, Courts agreed, although I have to wonder why in the world the attorneys would agree to file appeals that get sent to judges where the motion fell flat. If there was ever any doubt as to her wishes, she said she would not want to live as a vegetable to others besides her husband. After nearly two dozen rulings where just about everyone said the same thing, the fight needs to be over.
No, Jeb Bush does not need to step in. After all, the powers of government were set up so one branch would not infringe on the decisions of other branches. If this were a death row case, it might be different. But keep in mind Terri was not convicted of murder. Don't ask the Fla. governor to break the law just to see your plans accomplished. That's not fair.

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