Friday, March 04, 2005

Kobe Kerfluffle


Well, the case that never was turned out to be the case which will never be. Kobe Bryant nd his attorney, Pamela Mackie, settled out of court to whats her name who sued for damages after alleging sexual misconduct. I have a couple of questions: did this girl know Kobe had a wife? If so, she had NO business going to see him in his hotel room. 2) Why didn't Bryant ask her to leave? Better yet, why couldn't he have left the door shut?
The one good thing perhaps about this newest development is that it gave news audiences a break from the Michael jackson trial (my sympathies to those who have to cover THAT spectacle-If Jackson's family had done their job a long time ago, it might not have gotten this far. Michael needs to be treated like the child he so clearly is and be banned from letting children spend the night. Even during the day, he should never be left alone in their company).

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