Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Finally! Some Common Sense

USATODAY.com - Atlanta rampage suspect makes court appearance

Over the weekend, one of the most talked about crime sprees occurred in Atlanta. For a time, it outweighed the Michael Jackson trial, much to my relief.
Law enforcement is to be commended for their swift action in trying to track Nichols down. Further accolades for not losing their heads whilst getting him captured and arrested. Now then, can someone please explain the failure to cordon off the parking garage where the Honda was found? After all, they were not on the bottom floor. Seems to me that a search might warranted a peek into every nook and cranny. Up here in Roswell, that would be called a brainfart. Worse yet, taking Nichols into a holding cell so he could change clothes was poor planning. Not because women cannot make good cops. But she was a lot smaller, which gave Nichols the advantage, hands down.

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