Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Edit? Fuhggeddaboudit


With the recent courtroom shootings down here in Georgia, the media has made many a mention. And they should, seeing as how a Superior Court Judge, Rowland Barnes, a court reporter, Julie Ann Brandeau, and an off duty deputy Teasley were killed, another deputy in the hospital. A customs agent was also killed, but the case hs not gone to court yet and whether or not that last death can be linked to the alleged suspect has yet to be determined.
Anyone who knows me well can probably vouch for the fact that I am fairly well knowledgeable when it comes to the news. So, newspaper letters to the editor catch my attention. In last Sunday's Atlanta Journal Constitution, someone wrote about the hostage taken, Ashley Smith, who was held prisoner for seven hours until police could move in and capture Brain Nichols. It was said she did the right thing for going to the media afterwards and "unselfishly" telling her story. Wait a minute. Seems to me people might want to know what happened in the courthouse in the final moments of people's lives. Why in the world does talking about how the arrest took place get called being unselfish?

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