Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Election Ecstasy?


Elections in Iraq have come to pass. Amazingly, thousands of Iraqi citizens turned out to vote. That people will vote if given the opportunity is nothing new. What makes this event worthy of coverage on the local news (not to mention more than a few hours of cable media) is that the opposition is so intense. People running for office have been killed, as well as those who already had posts. Now then, over here, we step up and vote out those who we believe are not doing a good job in office. Or, keep those in who we actually like. But overseas is a different story. When there is never any elected officials before people turn out and have to vote, some sort of process has to be set up. Whose idea was it to mark people's finger with ink so that they know who voted? Granted, it's not a sticker. But ink did not come off. Oops. Hello, sitting ducks. This is yet another example of military intelligence being the biggest oxymoron ever. Yes, Hussein was a bad leader (the three in power). Yes, the people should decide who they want to follow. But n0w that it has come full circle, we need to start working on a plan to bring the troops home. Oh wait, I forgot. We were naive enough to vote Bush back in.

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