Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Calling all cars, Calling all cars


A four year old boy is catching the attention of the country, and that's not a good thing. You see, he decided that he wanted to go out to the video game store and see if a certain game had come in. So good, so far? Two points: this was at 1:30 am, and he drove his mother's car. The fact of his being out of the house and away from his parents' sight is outrageous enough. Does the term alarm mean anything to you? How did he manage to drive when he could not reach the pedals, you ask? Coasting. What makes this truly mystifying is the police following him back to his house. Why didn't it occur to the store employees to hold the kid there until his parents/police could arrive? After all, this is a four year old we're talking about.
Oh, his mom went on local television and said the kid misbehaved and had his Playstation taken away, and he found it. So off to the store he went. Uh, Playstation? Seems to me Barney would suffice. Not to mention the only video watching is in say, the den, rather than his room. This is not my son, but stronger discipline is in order.

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