Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Response


After President Bush finished his State of the Union speech last night, the Democratic leaders from both the House and Senate had an opportunity to respond. Now, it's my turn.

Security an issue? Fix the biggest flaws. Two words: checked luggage. Two more: port cargo. The same problem for both. No inspection, or very little. TSA does a pretty good job at stopping "weapons" from getting through. Hint: nail clippers and metal nail files will not penetrate the skin if skin is poked.

Social Security not so secure? The snag in your plan is that someone takes money from their guaranteed government "pension" and puts it into the unstable stock market. Whoops.

Military involvement: Elections are taken care of. Train the troops of countries we let democracy reign to handle things themselves, then bring our boys home.

You defined some issues that you are taking a stand on. Open yourself to some new options.

Judges should interpret the law but not legislate from the bench. Have you been in court recently? Opinions are rampant. It would help if you left the Constitution alone. I support the marriage of a man and woman, Mr. President. But I have a problem with amending one of our greatest historical documents so that it will not be amended to reflect changes you might not agree with.

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