Saturday, February 19, 2005

No Facts need Apply


The other day, I started to look around a few blogs from others who are just as much into this as I am. A couple of posts caught my eye. They were news items, which had made the news precisely for one reason and one reason only. Bloggers were full of themselves. Yes, there were a couple of people who had come crashing down as a result of the blogging outrage and speculation. In one case, that might not have been such a bad thing. What am I blabbing on about, you ask? CNN's Eason resigning after outrage by bloggers over what might have been said during a meal. Never mind that bloggers more than likely took the words out of context. Never mind that they were not there to begin with. NO. They were just happy he had left CNN for good. I read one person's blog saying that CNN had been lying to America ever since they had been on the air. Of course, I'll try not to hold this person's affection for Fox against him. (Bill O'Reilly is hardly "fair and balanced") The fake reporter in the White House briefing room was a foulup of mass proportions. Yes, he worked for a website of "alternative" news. But a simple background check might have solved the entry problem. Not to mention some training in interviewing techniques.


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