Friday, January 28, 2005

Alone in The Dark-Starring Christian Slater and Tara Reid


Mr. Moviefone was on CNN today with his opinion of the latest movie releases. Only two, but they match the dark and dreary weather sweeping across the United States. Neither is one which I would recommend people to go see, but one caught my attention.
Christian Slater stars in Alone in the Dark, also starring Tara Reid. Slater portrays Edward Carnby, who goes on a hunt in search of the person (s) who murdered his best friend. Nothing too surprising there. What makes this worth watching, perhaps, is that Carnby makes his living as an investigator of the paranormal or otherwise bizarre.
No fan of Slater's is going to be shocked by the choice in roles. By reputation (and well deserved, too, I might add), there are a handful of actors who are well adept at playing the roles which require one to be odd or very far removed from the nice guy next door. Can we say Heathers? That was the first time I sat through an entire movie which Slater made. By the time when JD was at his worst, it was to be expected. but we also understood why.
Carnby is haunted by a past encounter with the Queen, and is not too eager to repeat it. Have a feeling that Neil Kaplan, who Slater portrayed in Alias for two episodes, will be morphed into the multifaceted layers of Edward.


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