Monday, August 22, 2005

Which Reservoir Dog are You?


Saw this blog's latest post and had to take test myself. Trying to upload results onto here tends to cause problems. However, deleted code leads to seriously smaller post. Which makes getting rid of it MUCH easier.
Anyway: I am Mr. Pink. Steve Buscemi may be a very nice guy, but he makes a career out of playing some nasty characters. No wonder he was chosen for this movie. Face is familiar, even if name may not be. (Ask your kids: Buscemi lent voice to Randall in Monsters Inc.) If you watched last season's Sopranos, Buscemi was Tony Blondetto.
What got me started on this ? Red Eye, new airline psychological thriller. A litttle close to reality. But I digress. Cillian Murphy plays Jackson Ripner, an operative drawn into world of terrorism. Too intense for me to see. Did research. Last time audiences saw him, he portrayed Scarecrow in Batman Begins. Also a butcher in Girl With a Pearl Earring. Found Murphy in full Scarecrow costume. Got it stuck in brain most of weekend. Reservoir Dogs may be a bit graphic, but considering director is Quentin Tarantino....

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guile said...

just saw red eye.. mr murphy is deliciously creepy..