Friday, August 12, 2005

Do you know what time it is?


Those in Congress needto keep their eyes and ears open to see if they will get to serve another term. It's also time for those seeking office to check ensure they can get in. According to WJ Clinton, Hillary is not seeking higher office without completing her Congressional term.
Yeah, right. We'll see about that.
Speaking of news, CNN's Bill Hemmer left sometime back for a stint at FOX according to the ajc. Yet a peek at their website yields no bio. What gives?
Also, Net scuttlebutt mentioned Jason Bellini's bio being gone at CNN site. Peope figured he had either given notice or had been let go. A slim possibility was that his bio was being worked on. Since I am seriously inquisitive, I checked. Sure enough, bio is gone. Now, I've seen his work. Why in the world has no news bureau snatched him up?

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