Monday, August 08, 2005

Snape must have struck


If you notice, a few posts down is rest of my site. Yes, it looks odd. Due to my quiz results, it has completely engulfed my blog rather than sticking to one post. And efforts to delete it are being ignored. EXCUSE ME?! Last time I checked, this is mine to do as I so choose. Push red button, post should go away as requested.
On another note, reading latest Harry Potter book. Not quite finished last night. Could have, but wanted to avoid staying up all night. Of course, if I had known the news would focus on two stories solely, could have stayed in bed for another hour. Ignoring alarm clock bad idea, though. Peter Jennings died yesterday, so attention is being paid. Folks, when you start repeating the same segments, it is time to "put the story" to bed until you can find something else to show viewers.
Shuttle return delayed. Got it, thanks. Same problem as mentioned above.
How do I like HP? (book) It's okay. A little overdone. Forgot what some of references mean from previous novels. Newest movie is out in November, I think. 4? Saw 2 a while back. That had to be four hours long. Turned it on late, so missed opening.

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