Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bedside table Meme


Found an interesting new meme going around. Kelley has the stage mother of all when it comes to sheer amount of stuff. Christina has the roundup of everyone else. However: here is where I found the first reference.
Wanna know what I've got?
For starters, a table on either side of bed. Looking down from the foot, left has: one lamp, alarm clock, contact case with solution, contact solution, my glasses, various papers, cordless phone, a bible.
On right: another lamp (matching set), a pile of books- 1. an autobio of Lucile Ball 2. autobio from Pres. Carter's chief of staff 2. Book on marital relationships (works for singles too) 3. Guideposts fiction :Grace Chapel Hill (sisters try and reunite two former lovers) and Church Choir-Plots and Pans.
These got buried-Sara Paretsky -Guardian Angel, and book with Lord Bryon playing prominent role in mystery, a writing tablet, advertising circulars, pieces of junk mail, and an O magazine..

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