Monday, January 10, 2005

Water Water Everywhere


and not a drop to drink. The tsunami which passed through much of SouthEast Asia, killing literally thousands of people, has gone. And left way too much damage in its wake. Some of those unaccounted for are still missing. Presumed dead, in some cases. Stateside, California is under a deluge of water. Already, a man made the news for having to be pulled from a river after his two daughters had already been rescued. BMW making for a houseboat, the man was fairly easy to spot. However, insult was added to injury when he lost his pants on the rope haul up to dry land. Bless the news coverage, they blurred the area "down below" after pants hit liquid. Janet Jackson would be so proud. On yet another front, snow has fallen way too fast, creating the need for snow tunnels to be dug so people would have places to walk. Snowshoes, anyone?

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