Monday, January 10, 2005

Black Eye for the Eye


CBS has made headlines again. Not because it won every People's Choice Award this year, but due to the delayed action on the Rathergate scandal. You know, the story on Bush which should have been vetted before it went on the air, but wasn't. Oops. Four producers have been let go. Wait, that's only part of this story. The producer who was directly responsible was fired, as she should have been. Besides, she was also talking with representatives from the Kerry campaign while she was at it. Can we say conspiracy? Three others have been asked to turn in their resignations. Okay, "asked" is probably not the right term here, "ordered" may be better. Dan Rather will step down from the anchor desk later this year. most saw that coming. To give credit where credit is due, Rather has been recognized as the hardworking journalist he is. But he and Andrew Heyward, who should have been disciplined as well for allowing sloppy fact checking to enter into play in the effort to have a "get", are out of the picture. At least for now.

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