Monday, December 20, 2004

You've Got Mail


Went to the mailbox today and pulled out the usual junk. Except, there were two more surprises waitng for me. Since I do online reviews, materials are sent to me. Got a Deana Carter CD along with a book. Elephant Gnosis by David Kettle. The cover alone gave me pause-it has an elephant which is colored pink. There is also a red jewel on its forehead. It almost looks as if the creature was on LSD. Still.., since I agreed to review said item, had to at least take a look at what lay inside. What a bizarre book! It takes the self ramblings of a grandiose elephant and shows off the elephant' s superior intelligence. Kettle takes some portions and develops them into a semi-coherent story, but there is no discernable plot. Just in case you'd like to see for yourself, it can be found at Amazon under the code 0971997713.


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