Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Does this make sense?


How long have topics from now made it into television shows? Law and Order stands out in my mind for this. Soap operas have brought various issues to the forefront, such as addictions and breast cancer, AIDS. Yet.. talk about something as important as the Iraq War-people up in arms. How short our memories, how sad a reflection. Boston Legal focused on this very thing last night. Personally, I thought it worked. Yes, David E. Kelley is known for his "out there" storylines. I know better than to think they are the absolute truth. The West Wing is even more topical, yet most know that the characters are fictional, as well as the backstories. Writers adjust for what is happening on their show. Talk about illegal immigration? Of course, but go from the standpoint of someone who employs one as a domestic servant. Add in one male employer who is all too willing to sleep with his maid. And have her readily agree, even though there is a wife and children. This took place on CSI:Miami. Now then, Boston Legal has an African American in its cast. So? Well, everyone else is white. Race relations is going to have to come up sometime. If just one other person was a minority, say Asian or Hispanic, the starkness of reality would be toned back a bit. btw, Brad and Sara work well on the show together.

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