Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A few Legal Briefs

As a Blogcritics "reporter", I have taken on the task of reviewing Boston Legal and CSI:NY. Notes are carefully taken on each episode to aid in writing. Of course, I also do research by checking what the official website says and finding items from Amazon to fit. When someone makes comments on a reviews, a notifier shows what was written. On this, a commenter mentioned the tone of BL has changed. True. On Live with Regis and Kelly, James Spader made mention of new things being tried. One problem is: too many characters. Executive producers let three depart, and brought in four! Had they waited until the first season shows finished before bringing in Sara, Garrett, and Denise, confusion might have been avoided. And let me repeat myself on one CRUCIAL point: teasers are what make viewers decide if they want to watch the next week. Not only that, but those are scenes which viewers are waiting to see during ANY given episode. So why are teasers lately been so glaringly different from what gets shown on Tuesday night? I can't be the only one noticing.

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