Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Here a Globe, there a globe


Nominations came out recently for the Golden Globe Awards. Not too surprising in a few cases. Desperate Housewives garnered several acting nominations. Would someone explain to me why cast and production staff alike feel compelled to give away the plot before the show airs? This show started out really nicely, but it has gotten away from the main storyline of the reason behind Mary Alice's suicide.
Boston Legal, perhaps the best show of the fall season at least got a well deserved nomination for James Spader's portrayal of Alan Shore. (Oh Santa, if you could wrap Spader up in a great big bow and leave him under my tree, I'd be greatly appreciative ;) This show should get the award this year for The Best Show You're not Watching. No wonder. ABC goes out of its way to ignore this perceived ugly stepsister by running promos for BL only after the two shows preceeding it, and very few at that. Come on! BL has the acting and writing miles ahead of several other shows. The verbal loquaciousness is reason alone to watch. Plus, the guys on Boston Legal are best described in one word. HOT!

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