Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Political Eve


Well, tomorrow is the night of the first political debate of two candidates running for President. One current political incumbent, and another challenger. Okay, there are technically three candidates, but Ralph Nader hardly counts. Unless, of course, you would rather have a fresh option for Commander in Chief. The only thing which an Independent does is to divide up the final vote. Think about it. Whoever wins has to win more than fifty percent. Down here in GA, that number is 50% plus one vote. So, Americans might see a runoff down the line. Forget the December run of the Superdelegates. Do we really want to see Kerry and Bush repeat what happened four years ago? Even if Bush wins, he can only serve one more term in office. Unfortunately, that sets the stage for Cheney to step up to the plate and put Republicans in office for four terms. Yikes! Personally, I think the debate to watch is Cheney versus Edwards, but, of course, after tomorrow, water coolers will hum when viewers try and prove why, where, and how their favorite politician plans to win. One good point, it will be an improvement over hurricane disection.

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