Saturday, September 18, 2004

I don't get it

Explain something to me. Why is it, in a land of opportunity, where one can acquire the latest and greatest merely by waving some cash around, we still have not retained the common sense to stay off a cell phone while driving? I was downtown with my mom recently and we were trying to get across the intersection by foot. More than once, I saw drivers navigating the quick and dangerous turns with one hand while gabbing away on the phone with another. It's just as dangerous to be hands free-it's your concentration, stupid! If you are chatting away, more than likely your attention is not on the road in front of you. Even a split second of inattention can make a world of difference. Think about it-it only takes a second to lean down and change the channel on your radio or turn around and try to quiet your kids. That's when you will not realize the car ahead hit its brakes or someone loses control and starts spinning towards you.

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