Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tigger Socks Cause Trouble


What a bunch of whiners.

That was my response to this.

Assuming the parents of these kids can read, did a policy on dress code vanish in thin air? I seriously doubt it. Come on. Choices in basic colors are able to be combined in a myriad of ways. Your kid doesn't like it? Tough. You are the one having to pay for the clothes.

Here's the deal - wear whatever you want AT HOME. When in school, you follow the rules. Period. As a parent, you should be the one in charge.

Anyone who has spent any time in the real world knows employers often institute dress codes so as to promote a corporate image. Even Google, one of the best work environments, has standards to follow.

Now then, I admit this reaction to socks might have be a little overreaction. However, they also said Tigger socks were fine. Just as long as the child was out of the school situation. This is not difficult.

Suspect socks had the logo high enough to be seen. If it had been on the top of the arch, the shoe tongue just might have covered it. Still.