Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Cookie Counting


Christina may be onto something.. I recently had to take a dessert to a progressive dinner for my Sunday School class. While I am no stranger to baking, this gadget seems to function a lot better than scraping two spoons together. No need to worry about whether you have enough dough to feed an army, just grab and plop! Come to think of it, a Pampered Chef goes to my church...

My Christmas gift to you:
2 eggs 1/2c oil 2 T water cake mix (your choice brand and flavor) 16oz bag BAKING chips - recipes are out which call for potato chips, this isn't one of them!
350 degree preheat.
Mix all but chips in a bowl. When blended, add chips. Bake 10-12min.

You MIGHT want to think about the cake and chips COMBO when preparing this recipe. I thought my yellow cake and chocolate chips was yuumy, but the spice cake and butterscotch chips was a little bland.
They make a boatload, so you should probably freeze half for later.