Thursday, September 15, 2005

One Nation Under God (or Not)


If I read Key's post correctly, she is referring to a federal judge's ruling to declare the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional. U.S. Supreme Court ruled otherwise. They threw the first case brought by Michael Nudow out, rightly so. He was protesting his daughter's saying the Pledge when he did not have custody to begin with.. But I digress. "Under God" was added to this historic rendering after the fact. This country is under God whether we openly acknowledge it or not. Try this: if you're not into it, just don't say it.

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GUYK said...

Works for me. God is a generic term that should not offend anyone except an athiest who is trying to get attention. I am an agnostic but it doesn't offend me that others worship a deity. It is free country and that is their right just as it is mine not to worship a particular deity. If the pledge said "under Jesus" then I would object just as I would if it was a pledge "under Allah" but god can be anything one wants god to be.