Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kathy, you have some explaining to do


If what I have been reading online is correct, feds less to blame for Hurricane Katrina than originally thought. Way things work, local officials declare a "state of emergency declaration" then Pres. Whoever declares "state of emergency". Sounds convoluted to me. Anyway, mayor of NOLA was ready to, but Kathleen Blanco asked for 24 hrs. to think about it. Who was dingbat who said okay? Can only wonder how many lives were lost due to that. She also wants control over police rather than federalizing, so she retains firing power. Nagin goofed by not utilizing school buses for evacuation. "Late" response by feds had much to do with logistics. FEMA should remain under Homeland Security, but intact as agency. Before 9/11, weren't they set up to respond to natural disasters? This might have been high when it comes to strength, one level lower than top; but it seems to me four days without food and water is unprofessional. Bush agrees, and I cannot wait to see heads roll. Top of things to do NEEDS to be communication between agencies and central command that works if phones don't. One bright note is pumps sending water out, power coming back on, people still being rescued.

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