Saturday, July 02, 2005

Christmas in July


While going out on an errand, I was delighted to see a package on my porch. Even though I am used to having one appear on a regular basis, this was not your ordinary item.
Part of what I "do" is volunteering with the Georgia Innocence Project. The focus is to free those convicted of a crime not committed. I agreed to do transcription of letters from a former client.
Had to haul in the box first.
According to instructions, press firmly on entire box flap.
Gee, that helped. Flap sank into box without opening.
Time for my long handled knife.
Nope. Scratched surface.
Only after pulling open the flap (was this made with industrial strength crazy glue?) did it work.
Out popped a boatload of paper.
I'll have to keep you updated on progress.

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