Monday, November 02, 2009

Product Review: Periscope Book Light in a book Cover


As the economy forces people to use money in a manner more wise, one way is to find books from a local library or an inexpensive store. Goodwill, for example. The person who enjoys the written word can get several paperbacks for the price of an individual copy. With the holidays coming up, bibliophiles are looking for anything which enhances the reading experience to give as a gift.

Periscope Bookklight in a Bookcover for Paperbacks does a nice job of filling the bill. Just like the name implies, a light is tucked inside the portion where the spine lies. Note - this DOES require 3 AA batteries to work. They aren't included, but you can pick up a package at the grocery store or Walgreen's if needed. Make sure to put them in with the knobby end pointing out. Smooth end hits the spring, in other words.

Batteries aside, there are several other features which make the Periscope booklight a very useful gadget to have. For example, the LED's which give off the light are two times as bright as the standard version. No more straining one's eyes to see what is written on the page. The range of illumination goes completely from top to bottom. It can stay in the same spot while reading and pages are read without a fumble.

Turing on the light is an easy task. Simply pull the booklight out of its cubbyhole in the cover and it automatically starts glowing. When retracted, the light pops off so there is not wasted energy use. Ridges on the top of the light give your hands a natural place to grab.

A special cover helps to protect your book from the elements. It also takes privacy into account, so others do not have to see what you are perusing. Inside the cover is room for flat items such as a plane ticket or a hand held magnifying glass. A smaller pocket can hold a pen and highlighter for taking notes. There is even a built in bookmark to keep your place for the next time you read.

More is available should one so desire. Hardback books have their own bookcover and booklight if you prefer a heftier size of literary material. Both cover sets come in a variety of colors and finishes. These suit any taste and fancy. An AC adapter can be purchased for those times spent in a hotel room.

With all of these amenities, the cost is well worth it. The basic variety is only about thirty dollars plus tax. However, the price is only a starting point since there are other items one can purchase in addition. I suspect the hardcover version is more since the book contained within is bigger. Versions of this are the Kindle edition and one made for the executive. More information can be found at the Periscope website.

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