Monday, October 12, 2009

TV Review Castle "Fool Me Once"


Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) have always had some uniqueness to their cases, but this week's is anything but simple. Why? For one thing, it involves a guy who apparently dies while on an expedition to the South Pole. Since the man, a Mr. Fletcher, is on a video feed to schoolchildren, NYPD gets a call to try and investigate exactly what is going on..

A lead is traced to an apartment, where Fletcher is lying dead on the floor. Odd. Not that a corpse is unusual, but isn't this guy halfway around the world? Twists and turns make for an interesting episode up until the arrest when the case can finally be concluded. One of my favorite parts is watching Castle and Beckett work out whether Fletcher just might be CIA. An agent named Gray has to come help them out.

The Captain returns! Ruben Hudson Santiago makes a fresh appearance after being gone for a couple of episodes as the boss in charge of the detectives. Technically, he's in charge of Castle too, even though Castle is a civilian and not subject to the departmental rules Beckett, Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) are. Lanie (Tamala Jones) is the exception. As the medical examiner, she is responsible solely to the state licensing board.

Pressure to solve this case makes everybody on edge. After all, children play no small part. Fletcher being dead is bad enough. To make matters worse, this guy is either a man with multiple identities or a highly skilled con artist. The trick is keep one's mind open to any and all possibilities.

Robert Pine as a wealthy businessman with a family is a nice touch. For those who do not recall the name, Pine is well known for his work on Chips, the police drama with Erik Estrada in the lead role. Playing a protector suits Pine perfectly, and he uses just enough toughness in his voice to get the point across without coming off too strong.

Too bad Castle gets blinded by the case's progress and takes work home with him. Alexis (Molly C Quinn), Castle's daughter, gets a new violin teacher named Dylan. (Tyler Hoechlin). Under ordinary circumstances, this would not be cause for concern. Castle jumps to conclusions about their relationship. Quinn is brilliant in the police conference room as she yells about the misguided impression. No matter how much a parent wants to protect a child, not everything can be avoided..

Other fun moments come as Castle tries to figure out what Beckett thinks of his new book. He has based it on her, sort of. I doubt it is an exact carbon copy. After reading an interview Castle gave to a magazine writer, Beckett declared she should have seen the book first ("Inventing the Girl"). Nathan is charming as he waits with bated breath for Beckett's opinion. It shouldn't matter what she thinks, of course. The book was started before Castle and Beckett met. Still.

Beckett's mom died, but this story is on the back burner for the time being. A serial killer might be involved, but this is speculation on my part and not to be taken as 100% accurate. Other people killed around the same time does not mean much in a major metropolitan city, although Beckett's mom has a connection of sorts to one of them. It's tenuous, but could prove important as time goes on.

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