Monday, July 27, 2009

TV Review Eureka "Your Face or Mine"


Jack's back! Sort of. When Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) finds out he cannot be fired without written consent of the mayor, he is relieved ("Welcome Back Carter"). Henry Deacon (Joe Morton) won't let him be sent packing out of town. There is however, one small issue left.

Carter must be reinstated by passing a series of tests which, in the words of Dr. Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), head of Global Dynamics and link to the Pentagon, will 'push him to the limit'. He does get a panic button of sorts to stop if things get too hairy. Now, this also disqualifies him from service. Talk about an incentive. Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra), Carter's deputy, gets a perfect score. I have a feeling her military training has something to do with it. She has to take over for forty eight hours while he goes through a test designed to fit his personality. Sure enough, he just has one task. Push a button against an opposite wall. Leave it to the special effects team for a disappearing floor! Don't worry, Carter is safely stuck in the middle.

Colin Ferguson directed this episode, and it worked okay. I find it a little odd he would not use the opportunity to focus on just how critical he is to Eureka. After all, he's the lead role. The one character viewers are guaranteed to see each week. Ferguson decides, however, to give someone else a chance. Lupo has to step up. Hmmm....

It seems both Carter and Lupo are street smart but not necessarily science oriented. How in the world does he not figure out the simplest solution to his puzzle? The answer is already in his hand. Or, to be more specific, his pocket. She manages to arrest Larry Haberman without evidence, only a lame excuse - he enjoys stealing.

Zane Donovan (Niall Matter) is more than a little confused as well. Why would Jo suddenly take an interest in Fargo (Neil Grayston)? Opposites attracting happens to be an understatement in their case. The strong independent woman and the nerd whose greatest asset is in the lab. Beauty versus serious brains. The tipping point is when Jo actually kisses Fargo! Somehow, I doubt Grayston never kisses before this episode is taped. Any actor who has been in the business for a while learns a trick or two down the line. Especially since more than a few spend time on a soap opera as part of a resume.

DNA plays a major role in this episode. So does identity theft. I know the easiest way to handle the job - have Cerra play two roles. The twist is only the beginning. My favorite part? Seeing Matter's face as he questions someone he may care very much about. He isn't stupid enough to completely trust. After all, he just possibly caused the stock market to crash ("Bad to the Drone"). I get the impression this has never been quite proven to beyond a reasonable doubt. Otherwise, he would have been fired long ago. Still, he gets a response only one other person would know. I won't tell what happens next, but it works.

Fargo, in his own way, discovers even more of the puzzle. Only he would get himself trapped with the prime suspect. Painful secrets are shared, by both of them. A bond is made. Whether or not this relationship goes the same way Lupo and Donovan remains to be seen. The whole storyline may just pop up later.

Any big plot similar to say, the Artifact, is on the back burner for now. Which may change as soon as next week now that Carter is securely in position as Sheriff. Whatever takes place, Jordan Hinson needs more singing opportunities! Being Zoe, Carter's daughter, gives her little screen time. Even with a few words, though, I can tell she has solid vocal qualities. Christopher Gauthier, who plays Vincent, is pretty much there for comic relief. He could use an episode focused mostly on him. Perhaps something which involves Dr. Jim Taggart (Matt Frewer)? The animal guy in Global Dynamics has been away ever since Henry was arrested for creating a fake crisis which could have killed Kevin, Allison's son ("A Night at Global Dynamics").

So far, these past two episodes have been a bit lackluster. Ed Quinn pretty much left the show, which means Nathan Stark and Jack Carter are not butting heads. Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) left town, so the "Fixer" is not creating conflict. This opens the door to a new character or two, yet nobody has stepped up to the plate.

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