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TV Review Fringe "Bound"


TV Review: Fringe - "Bound"
Written by NancyGail
Published January 22, 2009
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It's baaaaack! For those of you experiencing a slow winter, Fringe has returned with a vengeance. The biggest show of the fall season is continuing to take viewers on a jaw-dropping ride, and people will be clinging to the edge of their seats.

For those who caught the last episode before the break, Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) had been kidnapped at Little Hill just before Jones (Jared Harris) escaped from prison ("Safe"). Now, I know anything can happen on television, however, she is the lead female role. Killing her off before the end of the season would be pointless.

The writers definitely agreed with that idea. They got Olivia out quickly, but cast her right into another fire. There's now a new sheriff in town, Sanford Harris, who is taking revenge on Dunham despite his role in a past incident. Lance Reddick, who plays Broyles, and Anna Torv's characters have been strong from the start, but now find themselves in a different position. They have an interloper they never asked for, yet getting rid of him is out of their control. I admit, I thought he might have been Olivia's stepfather. From what I gathered, though, that's not likely.

Even more characters have been added to the show, and they should stay around for a bit. Rachel, Olivia's sister, and Rachel's daughter, Ella, arrived in town this week and are staying with her while they take new steps on the roadway of life.

Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly) is still in the picture, although his role as a double agent has been exposed. Now, who does he work for? The answer might be the same group as John Scott (Mark Valley). Speaking of the latter, he needs to return. I was intrigued by his efforts to lead Olivia down the path of his hidden agenda. Traitor? I'm not convinced.

My one nit is the no-show by Nina Sharp (Blair Brown). She always adds so much to the mystery with her knowledge of secrets to which Olivia is not privy.

This was certainly an interesting start to the rest of the first season. While the question of what happened to Olivia was answered, plenty of questions remain. "Where is creepy stepdad," for example. He might turn up, but that's not the biggest question mark. Who is Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson)? Viewers know he has a dark side, but not the details of his past... yet. Which group does John Scott work for? No one can say for sure. Why would Jones and Loeb want to be on the wrong side of the law? I don't get the impression they are part of Nina's team. Keep watching...

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