Friday, January 26, 2007

CSI:NY "The Lying Game" review


After a female dancer is found dead in a hotel mens room, Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) knows what to do. He calls in the NYPD evidence team so they can figure out what happened. Det. Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) soon arrive, and they discover the victim is actually a female impersonator. This is only the first of several odd turns, which will be described later.

Across town, Det. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and Det. Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) have another crime scene when a body becomes buried in a salt truck used to de-ice streets. Careful processing leads them to a sporting goods shop, where Danny notices blood. Since Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) told Mac death was a result of blunt force trauma, attention focuses on the three shop employees.

Although each claims innocence, two alibis do not hold up when double-checked. Since Mac knows a rat when he smells one, he and Danny call the phone numbers on the receipts from the places the employees claimed to have been. The same person answers at both locations, which raises further suspicions. Danny and Mac then visit a business specializing in alibis when people want to engage in hanky-panky. The two employees were having an affair, and this led indirectly to the victim's death.

The victim was killed from a shove into a display case. An employee who falsely believed he was about to be let go lashed out in rage. Mac knows the truth, but he doesn't say anything when he makes the arrest.

Meanwhile, Stella and Hawkes discover a convention was held the night their victim died. While several hundred suspects exist, one name catches their eye. A politician left a fingerprint on the victim, showing clear evidence of DNA. Could this be the killer?

They do some digging, and find Congressman Garth was considered the primary suspect in a Connecticut rape case. Even though the police had a clear case against him, the accuser recanted. In other words, she did not press charges. Mac arranges to send their counterparts much needed evidence, but the question remains whether Garth is guilty of murder.

As it turns out, he isn't. The killer is a man who decided not to walk away from the impersonator after being insulted. Flack is happy to make the arrest when the guy arrogantly states he did the world a favor by murder.

In the midst of both murders, Mac deals with a personnel issue. Det. Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) receives a call from a prosecutor in Montana. A serial killer of four young women has been apprehended. Since Lindsay is the sole eyewitness, she is asked to testify. She doesn't realize Mac knows she was the only survivor. Stella and Mac both give her a hug, and Mac assures her she will be okay.

Lindsay decides to leave Danny a note instead of saying goodbye in person. However, she also says she is going away for a while and will return soon. Danny puts the card in his pocket without mentioning it to anyone.

This episode was a little lackluster. Somewhere down the line should be a show about the political rapist. Flack and Stella stepped on his toes when they talked to him, and complications would not be out of the question. Anyway, it's not their problem, yet. The golf store owner death was straightforward, but having Mac take it seemed a little odd for the evidence team leader's forceful personality.

Anna Belknap is on maternity leave, so it may be a while before Lindsay returns. I can understand her card to Danny, but why not let him ask Mac what's going on? After all, Mac is in charge of everything and everyone in the lab. At any rate, the storyline should continue. Despite many hints dropped, no complete explanation has been given. I wonder, then, if this is going to be another "Run Silent, Run Deep"? This vehicle gave Carmine Giovinazzo a chance to show his range as an actor while opening viewers up to Danny's past. Perhaps the same can be said for Lindsay this season.

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